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Grasspeople number 1 to be released this summer

Grasspeople Number 1 to be released this summer. Check out some of the artwork below for the book. I also have my author proofs and I'm just about ready to go! 

Grasspeople is a story that I wrote back in 1997. I started drawing the artwork then and got about halfway through the pencils. At that time, I was working in animation and this project ended up on the shelf along with Prisoner of the Mind. Rediscovering the story last year in a box of forgotten things, It revived my energy in the idea and I knew I had to finish it. The story itself is not a new idea, there are countless stories about a book, but this one is about the people that care for a book about the people. The Grasspeople story arc is roughly 5 books, but who knows where this will take me. Let's start the journey together next summer.

Grasspeople synopsis:

Monk is the son of an alchemist and the archivist of his people’s history. On his thirteenth birthday following the tradition of his people, Monk sets off on an inner journey to find himself on the way to becoming a man. Along his spiritual odyssey, he discovers his worst nightmares that challenge his inner strength. Using the knowledge of his people that was passed down through generations, he learns who he really is, but at great personal sacrifice.

Splash page from Grasspeople

Inspiration on the table.

Movie style poster ready for release.

Here's a close up of the cover.

Grasspeople limited edition box sets for Comic Con 2016.

Each box is one of a kind, wrapped in leather, pigskin, and (vegan) version is burlap and topped off with a vintage metal mini-sword adorned with hand set gems.

Collectors sets include signed and numbered copies of the author's copies of Grasspeople.

Each box features a one of a kind hand made buckle.

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