Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The new project is coming along in time for the new book launch next year, but it's all about draw, design, erase, test, draw, design erase, repeat... I guess that is progress. Haha, more to come.


  1. Hello,
    I'm here to tell you that I found your series of posts, and I'm going to go through them all - the ones about creating a graphic novel.
    I saw a few pages from your issue 1, too, and I'll sit down later today to read it; but from the first glance, I LOVE the way you focus on details, and spend your time on every little line, it really shows! I wish I had half your patience. :)

    I'm a fellow artist who'd love to get started on my own graphic novel (I'm at the idea stage now), so I want to thank you for putting the time and effort into creating this blog/web. It's already proven to be useful, and I've been around for less than an hour!

    I'll definitely come back and go through it all.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. It really takes time to make a graphic novel, once you get into it you'll see. But, there are a lot of shortcuts if you know how to navigate them. Good luck with your project, I am sure it will be a success.