Tuesday, June 19, 2018

China is no stranger to keeping tabs on their citizens, but this is going into new territory. Minority Report is alive and well. It looks like China will soon implement a biometric facial recognition surveillance system.

China Daily reports that two forms of biometric recognition to be installed; palm touch and facial recognition. Together, they could offer a solution to ease congestion issues and help reduce fare evasion.

Beijing's subway system is one of the worlds most congested, and it is strained at almost 10 million daily commuters. Once the biometric system is installed, cameras with online network connections would be able to identify individuals entering the city's subway stations, and palm scanning devices would allow riders to use their hands instead of paper tickets.

Chinese citizens aren't new to facial recognition tech. The law permits police to scan civilians' faces and identify any vehicle registration plates from outside the capital city supposedly in an effort to stop crime. If you've ever seen Psycho Pass, you know what I'm talking about.

However, China is known for monitoring its citizens through a range of technology and the Internet. Welcome to 2018, where the future watches you...


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