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Altered Carbon Coming To Netflix Next Month

In the distant future, human consciousness can be digitized and downloaded into different bodies. Brought back to life after 250 years by Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy) the richest man on Earth, ex-Envoy soldier Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman / Will Yun Lee) must solve Bancroft's attempted murder for the chance to live again in a world he doesn't recognize. 

Altered Carbon debuts exclusively on Netflix February 2nd, 2018. Check out the new trailer at the bottom.

"Altered Carbon" mixes a "Blade Runner" aesthetic with "Matrix" fight scenes for an action-packed, dystopian murder mystery.

This noir-cyberpunk thriller is based on the 2002 sci-fi novel of the same name by British author Richard K. Morgan, "Altered Carbon" tells the story of a gangster turned super soldier named Takeshi Kovacs. Brought back to life 250 years after he dies, Kovacs is tasked by Laurens Bancroft, a mysterious and powerful millionaire, to solve Bancroft's own murder.

The world (set 300 years into the future) is one in which people with enough money can download and pass their consciousness from body to body, which are known as "sleeves."

With a soul or personality that can be digitized and indefinitely transferred from one sleeve to another, individuals with enough cash to burn can, in theory, live forever.

The similarities to "Blade Runner 2049" are obvious. The trailer shows a world filled with neon lighting up a grim cityscape, glowing-eyed strippers, flying cars streaming around skyscrapers at night, and my favorite, constant rain and even a mad millionaire who could live in the same universe as Dr. Eldon Tyrell.

New Trailer Below.

Looks very cool.

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