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The CIA Funded Experiments are a Red Flag for Mental Health Tech

I ran across this interesting article on CIA mind control tech and it reminded me of my story.

The History of Brainwashing Is a Red Flag for Techno-therapy


For Donald Ewen Cameron—a Scottish-born psychiatrist, the president of numerous medical societies, and the director of the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal between 1943 and 1965—technology was a passion bordering on an obsession. While his tattered tweed suits and mismatched socks lent him the air of an absent-minded university don, Cameron was fixated on the future, from his collection of high-powered cars, to his constant use of Dictaphones, to the science-fiction novels that littered his bedside table. As this ‘technophilia’ deepened and began to shape his psychiatric thinking in the 1950s, Cameron was set on a collision course with Cold War conspiracy. More...

This article was written by David Saunders and published on

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