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Prisoner of the Mind coming to COMIXOLOGY

It's official, Prisoner of the Mind #1 will be available for sale on comiXology on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 between 9 and 10 am. You can buy it here.

Years of pollution from the industrial revolution has darkened our skies and weakened our hearts, but the city that never sleeps is still growing. Modern architecture collides with antiquity on every corner. A shapeshifting skyscraper retrofitted with holographic ad projections offering discounts on android companionship lights up the night.

New cars glide along on a pocket of air several feet off the ground in electric silence, while old cars sputter and backfire because their inefficient combustion engines were not made to burn the hybrid biofuel of today. New York City is constantly tearing down and rebuilding itself, trying to maintain its world influence as metropolitan.

One thing remains steadfast, the power of the government. They don't always play by their own rules, sometimes, no rules at all. Acid rain falls on the city like tears from God, touching even the darkest corners of society. The foundation of our democracy is “One people, one liberty and justice for all.” The government is here to enforce this, believe in truth and maintain peace. One man, one agent, believes in truth, but even the honest have weakness.

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