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Prisoner of the Mind Cole Maquette work in progress update 2

This is my second update of the P.O.M. sculpture for a limited edition resin casting. If you missed any of the previous posts you can catch them here. Prisoner of the Mind Cole Maquette work in progress.

So, I started this thing sometime in November 2012, I am reaching a point in the next few weeks that I can prepare it for casting. I will probably post the final update before the casting process.

I was having some major problems with his hair so I decided to go back to basics and add hair and accessories later.

I wiped out what I did and made him bald. I then started adding scars and bullet holes to his back. This guy has seen a lot of fighting so he has scars.

It was almost like starting over on his face because the previous updates didn't look a lot like my character.

Moving things around, I adjusted his nose and forehead along with the cheekbones.

New ears, new eyes and some facial cuts, and he is starting to look more like my character.

Just add whiskers and nipples, and reshape his pants.

His back is finally finished.

I am pretty happy with the face, mouth, teeth and tongue. It has been a long road, but he's getting a little closer.

Ok, now that the bulk of my body work is done, I must turn my attention to the base. I am thinking at this point, that I will cast this sculpture in 3 separate molds.

I am using regular Sculpey instead of the Super Sculpey here just to create a little contrast while I work, but also it's softer so it can have a more organic feel to it.

I want my character to be standing on a railroad track just like the book. so I need to cut in a place for a track.

Here I am adding some hand rolled pebbles and rocks, which I will go over with dental tools once they are all in place.

The little aluminum foil pads are so my character doesn't stick to the base. Sculpey has a tendency to bond with itself. The last thing I need right now is to lift him off the base while his feet stick to it.

I still have work to do on the base to make the metal look more like metal and the rock look more like rock.

I'm back to the hair again. This time over a freshly baked skull.

The hair is much better this time around, but still missing the final  windblown touches.

Here he is hot out of the oven.

This shot looks pretty cool to me. It really reminds me of a scene out of my graphic novel. Alright, check back for more in a few weeks.

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