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Prisoner of the Mind Cole Maquette work in progress update

It's been a few months since I updated this post, so here it is. If you missed the first half you can catch it here. Prisoner of the Mind Cole Maquette work in progress.

This has turned out to be quite a challenging project. I used to do a lot more sculpting than I do today, so I am still a little rusty. I originally wanted to create this project for a limited edition sculpt, but it is almost too large for that now. I am now at over 1 pound of clay and still climbing. The reality is, that's a lot of material to cast which could drive up the cost considerably. The thing is, instead of setting it aside and starting a new one, I decided that I am too close to quit now. I will see it through even if I decide not to cast it. So, the process has been slow going this year. I am involved with just too many projects to give this Maquette the proper attention. My last encounter was an eight hour sculpting session to try to get it to a finished piece.

Cole's face still isn't where I want it to be, but it is making progress.

He still kind of looks like a deer caught in headlights.

I am satisfied with the upper body progress. From the last update, I had to do some chopping of the torso, and adding much more material to give him the correct dimensions. In my first sculpts at the top of this post, his waist is too skinny and his shoulders are too wide.

You can see that he is starting to look a little more proportionate.

His facial structure and left ear look pretty good too.

I am not happy with his hair on this version, I have almost decided that I will shave off all of his hair leaving him bald before I bake the entire body and head. Once I do that, I will go back and add hair on top of his hardened bald head. It's much easier to sculpt soft clay over baked clay and then re-fire the whole thing. This process will allow me to get much greater detail without marking up the sculpted area that is already there.

His shoulders are starting to take shape.

I am very pleased with his back and muscle structure.

He looks quite human here, everything is almost in the right place.

Everything looks good, his torso might be a bit too long still, and that pencil up his *ss can't feel very good.

The folds of his pants are coming along too. The feet were much harder than I expected but they are making progress.

His midriff area is really coming into it's own. The pant folds and belt have quite a bit of detail now.

Another profile shot showing his neck muscles and shoulder.

Here is a small top view to show symmetry.

 I will post updates here as the project moves along. They may be less frequent, because the graphic novel is almost ready to print. It's all about priorities when you are working on a project. I am looking to cast this guy  sometime this Summer.

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