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Prisoner of the Mind Milestone 2012

A Prisoner of the Mind milestone has been reached. It has been a real chess match to publish this graphic novel, but all of the pieces are now in place for a complete launch. All artwork (pencil and ink) for Volume One is complete, the covers are painted and approved. The book is laid out and the lettering is almost done on the final chapter.
Here is a sample of a rough layout sketch from Prisoner of the Mind. When it comes down to editing, you never know what’s going to be cut until the end.

It was always my intention to release the Prisoner of the Mind graphic novel as a comic book series. Each chapter was intentionally structured to be the same length as a comic book. Volume One of this graphic novel has five chapters and Volume Two will most likely have the same number.

This too is a rough sketch from Prisoner of the Mind.

When the print edition comic book is released this year along with a digital version, the hard and soft cover graphic novel will become available soon after. There will be a few twists and turns and some surprises too when the book is finally released. Stay tuned, because the first issue will be made available on this blog as a digital edition free.

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