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Starfire Re-Design for DC Comics

Final digital paint of the Starfire re-design.

Starfire was one of those characters that was not mainstream for me. George Pérez really did a nice job of designing this character in the 80's, but I just wasn’t into flying women with flaming hair. I liked Conan the Barbarian, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men ... So, this character was a challenge for me. Even though she is an alien with a human form, I decided to give her a little more of a human touch. She was originally very muscular, and chiseled. I like the idea of making her more feminine. I also thought that her flaming hair doesn’t need to be on jet power all the time. It's still hot, like an idling engine dropping molten sparks to the floor.

Final ink of the Starfire re-design.

The way to break up the monotony of drawing a 300 page graphic novel is to draw something totally different. That is the case here. I occasionally need to take a break from the dark brooding Noir and hammer out something on the lighter side. It keeps me balanced. This is an entry for a re-design contest over at Super Hero Of The Month. I've had my fun, now it's back to work!

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