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POM loglines

LOGLINES for Prisoner of the Mind

  • Uncovering a seventy-year-old secret opens a door that cannot be closed.

  • Discovery of a 70 year old secret reveals a past that the Agency will kill for.

  • Today, he’s on the right side of the law, but tomorrow is a new day.

  • When everything is taken away, all that is left is what’s inside.

  • A life built on lies, a man seeking truth, but death is just around the corner.

This is where I got a little tired…

  • He’s deadlier than sliding down razor blades into a pool of alcohol.

  • Patient, deadly, smart.

  • Bad habits include; Smoking, Drinking, Killing.

Page 4 storyboard thumbnail sketches.
Page 4 ink.

Page 4 final ink.

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