Monday, February 21, 2011

More, more, more...

While working on a particular character, you have to beat it down. What I mean by that is you have to work it, left, right, top, bottom, etc… after you do this for a while, the expressions and the features become more natural. You can’t expect to write a comic book story and then draw a couple of characters once or twice, then draw them in the book. Every time you need a different pose, you will struggle to get it right. Why not start with something that you have already practiced.

I draw on the subway everyday, it gives me something to do on my way to work and it makes me a better artist in the long run. Obviously if you drive to work this is not an option, but if you take what you do seriously, you have to make time for it. Go to a coffee shop or a mall and just do quick sketches. At first it will seem hard, because no one waits around for you to draw them. That is ok, you want them to move around. It is almost like you’re drawing their essence, their movement and their expressions. Just keep at it.


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