Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Prisoner of the Mind volume one alternate cover

Here is my first alternative cover for Prisoner of the Mind volume one. I know it's been a little while since my last post but as know, the more time an artist has to draw and paint, the less time they have to socialize. This new alternate cover edition will be released in the first of 2016. I have been working on Prisoner of the Mind volume two and getting ready to release the 5th installment of Prisoner of the Mind on Comixology. I also have my second title coming in 2016 called Grass People. After the holidays, I'll have try to catch up on all of my posts.

Have a happy holiday and an awesome new year!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Inktober comic book cover drawings Prisoner of the Mind

So, I thought I would start off Inktober with an idea to take a drawing that will evolve into a cover of one of my books. It's obviously set in the Prisoner of the Mind universe. But you'll have to wait and see where the finished version turns up. Anyway, here is my process. It all started with a doodle of a cityscape on the horizon. (see above) 

Here is the beginning of the futuristic cityscape that I am adding on to. At this phase of the drawing, I'm trying to figure out some depth to expand on the original drawing.

I am making the city come alive with people and vehicles all interacting with each other. I'm trying to get that busy NYC street feel.

I've got the basic layout done, now I'm fine tuning the people and vehicle details.

Let's get on with the inking part. I'm fleshing out the details and features of the people and buildings. My pencil is pretty loose on this one leaving a lot of room for interpretation with ink.

In addition to that drawing, I have done another of my main character Cole falling backward out of a window. I just finished inking this one too, and once the cityscape is completed (see below) I will put them both together in photoshop for the finished product.

Ok, here is the final ink of the cityscape with all of the people walking here and there. Flying cars fill the sky with busy intersections below.

Here is the composited black and white image.

This is the beginning of the color composition. There is a lot more to do here, so check back as I work on this one. I should have it finished up in a week or two.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I guess it's time to catch up on my blog posts

Let's just start with today. This is how my day started, thrust in the middle of NYC TV magic.

It's simple really, just follow the signs. Wait, wha ...? I haven't had enough coffee to comprehend this yet.

Follow the yellow brick road.

Tell tale signs are straight ahead.

Oh, yes there it is.

I've had an amazing summer, I hope you have too. Over the next few weeks I will fill in all of the blanks from  my activities, to new Prisoner of the Mind issues and finally NYC Comic-con, and alot of good things to come. It seems that my auto-posts to my blog haven't been working so I will do it manually. They seemed to post fine to my Instagram and Twitter feed, but what can go wrong will go wrong. So hang in there and you'll see.

Friday, October 9, 2015

New York Comic Con 2015

It's that magical time of year again, New York Comic Con 2015. It all starts with what comes in the mail.

A new subway opened up to get you there.

The madness has begun.

Too cool.

Giant freakin batman.


Awesome times 2.


Thor and friends.

Love this, so much amazing detail.

Close up of Hagrid.

This is part of the WETA display that is also awesome.

Crowds, crowds, crowds.

Halo sculptures.

Very coool helmet.

Weta life size Chappie.

Lord of the Rings.

Marvel signing panel . The line was around the block.


I'll leave you with this masterpiece.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Prisoner of the Mind Comic Con 2015

Prisoner of the Mind graphic novel limited edition collectors case. Includes poster, signed graphic novel (wrapped in a genuine evidence bag), signed issues 1 & 2 of the comic book. Tee shirt, stickers, cards, and a genuine brass bullet shell with P.O.M. logo engraved on it.

Limited edition; Prisoner of the Mind, "The End is Near" resin garage kit not assembled and unpainted.

All kinds of crazy P.O.M. stickers.

Lots of T-Shirts in black and white come in all sizes.

Prisoner of the mind on the back of the shirt.

Mugs, yes mugs... Featuring all 5 comic book covers from Vol. 1 of the graphic novel.

SWAG! #sdcc2015 Did I miss anything?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Prisoner of the Mind issue #4 released today on Comixology

Prisoner of the Mind #4

Art by: Allan Linder
Written by: Allan Linder
Cover by: Allan Linder
Inks: Allan Linder
Price: $2.99

Memory Shards
Cole's partner, Agent Alicia Reece has a theory of why he tried to kill himself that involves his friend Tommy and his past lover Jasmine, but Cole is still in denial. Through a series of mysterious forensic clues, strange dreams and weird blackouts, Cole begins to assemble the pieces of a puzzle. Following the breadcrumbs he obtains classified information from an informant that something more sinister is happening. He discovers that his father’s death might be connected, when suddenly the rat is murdered. This sets off a chain reaction of lies, conspiracy and the death of more agents. Cole finds himself on the run hunted by a ruthless killer with no identity.

Buy now on comiXology!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Prisoner of the Mind Cole Blackburne character sketches 6

Here are a few practice runs to get the angle right, and land this punch. Prisoner of the Mind issue 4 unleashed tomorrow on Comixology. Check it out.

I've got the basic angle done on this action shot. I was thinking about the jacket either moving left or right depending on how you punch. I thought it would go opposite of the action. I'll probably try it both ways.

And one final unrealistic kick pose. It would either knock your teeth out or put on stage as a dancer. It's fun to draw though.