Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mean Irene

She came, she went... Fortunately we came through the storm unscathed, many others did not. There aren’t many benefits to a storm like this, but occasionally one or two surface. Having been trapped inside all weekend from the storm gave me the opportunity to sit at my drawing table a little more. Here is the transition of one of my drawings through final ink.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Storm Is Coming, The Storm Is Coming...

OK, everyone here in New York is freaking out because a major hurricane by the name of Irene is knocking on our door, but you probably already knew that. After preparing my GO bag, with a roll of duct tape, and a bottle of whiskey, I got excited for another reason. POM... Prisoner Of The Mind Volume 1 has arrived, I just received several author proof copies of my new graphic novel.(There are still many changes to be made.) It seems like I waited a lifetime for these. As stated in previous posts, it will be released next year in both hard cover and soft cover, and I got em' both. I already mailed out a couple to friends and family for feedback.

Hard cover copy.

Here's a better shot of the cover.

Here is a shot of my studio and some of my tools, while the windows are boarded up and nailed shut.

Some of my tools.

Working on a couple of details of page nine.

Here's the final street kid drawings for page nine.