Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hugo Boss has teamed up with environmental organization, Pur, on perhaps our favorite "green" fashion biz initiative to date: Titled "One Fragrance, One Tree," the project will plant one tree in Peru's Amazonian rain forest for every special-edition bottle of Hugo Element or Hugo Man produced.

The massive Peruvian plantation purchased by the Boss/Pur project covers a whopping 800 hectare--think three times the area of Central Park. Incorporating a little Web 2.0 with its "eco," each bottle of Boss' perfume is packaged with a handy "Tree Code," allowing customers to look up the exact location of the tree their purchase funded.

As for the scent itself, Hugo Element is a fresh, spicy blend of cologne, ginger, coriander and cedar woods.

Hugo Boss held a bottle design contest for their new fragrance and below are my entries.

Unfortunately, none of the above were selected, but an artist has to keep trying...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Besides the many different types of artwork that I do, painting, drawing sculpting, etc... I also make custom belt buckles and hand tooled leather work. My grandfather was an old cowboy and a saddle maker. I spent my summers with him and he taught me how to do leather work. Below are some of my original belt buckle designs that were later cast into metal, and then inlaid with vintage elements, wood, bone, and semi-precious stones.

Knights Templar, is a 1940's medieval children's game piece made of solid pewter mounted on a vintage bronze buckle.

Above, is the Pharaoh, a hand cast pewter Pharaoh head on silver art nouveau filigree, mounted on a vintage buckle. Most of these designs are one-of-a-kind made for collectors. Some are small batch castings with no more than 10 or 15 ever made. Each belt is unique too. 

Music of the Soul, art nouveau harp player cast in silver from reclaimed estate dinnerware mounted on lacquered birch.

Celtic Dragon, antique, gold plated, hand crafted dragon with ruby eye on vintage steel buckle.

Everlasting Skull, Vintage pewter skull with gold plated adornments, mounted on circa 1920's costume jewlery rhinestone pin on pewter eagle buckle.

Ancient Beauty, cast pewter Indian head, Swarovsky crystal with inlayed ruby.

Sage's Knot, silver cast dragon with bronze and enamel inlay on pewter.

Forest Nymph, cast silver, art nouveau forest fairie from vintage estate silverware on pewter.

A couple of shots from my studio above with buckles and leather belts in various stages. Below are some of my hand tooled and hand painted finished leather belts. 

Finally the finished product. Hand tooled leather belts matched with a one of a kind buckle.