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Thursday, May 3, 2018

If you haven't seen my other Sci-Fi projects, well it's time to check it out. We've been pushing the teaser for Quantum Enigma to film festivals all winter long and it's starting to bear fruit. This is our 5th selection and we are stoked that we have been chosen as a finalist! 

Check out the official movie poster above and if you haven't seen the teaser yet check it out below!

Quantum Enigma Teaser

We have a new trailer coming soon.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Here's an great sci-fi short film that's worth a look. With all of the new blockbuster stuff coming out this year, it's nice to see that the small craftsman can still create something worthwhile.

Homes of Hope - Scifi short film from Junaid 'Jay' Syed on Vimeo.

Short Synopsis:
Sets in the self-destructive dystopian near future, where escaping to computer simulation becomes the only way out of the whole mess. A computer scientist Chris becomes the victim of his own invented VR world.

It's a proof of concept short film for a feature film screenplay we are developing, but as a short film, it has got an excellent response at a festival run, by winning "Best Sci-fi Short" title in multiple festivals.

"Best Sci-fi Short Film" at London Independent Film Festival
"Best Sci-fi Short Film" at New York City International Film Festival
"Best Sci-fi Short Film" at Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival

Writer / Director / Producer / DOP / Editor / VFX Artist: Junaid 'Jay' Syed
Screenplay: Junaid 'Jay' Syed, Chris Hastings
Cast: Joe Rainbow, Hera Fjord, Cristina Wang, Michael Sofoluke, Maylee Fraser, Ben Ried, Marc Gordon
Music: Filipe Goulart, Nick Chuba, Matt Cohen
Sound Editor: Danton Tanimura, Cristina Aragon, Filipe Goulart 
Additional VFX Artist: Aparna Janga (Modeling/Texturing), Bharat Sachdev (Rotoscoping)