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Monday, March 19, 2018

Here's an great sci-fi short film that's worth a look. With all of the new blockbuster stuff coming out this year, it's nice to see that the small craftsman can still create something worthwhile.

Homes of Hope - Scifi short film from Junaid 'Jay' Syed on Vimeo.

Short Synopsis:
Sets in the self-destructive dystopian near future, where escaping to computer simulation becomes the only way out of the whole mess. A computer scientist Chris becomes the victim of his own invented VR world.

It's a proof of concept short film for a feature film screenplay we are developing, but as a short film, it has got an excellent response at a festival run, by winning "Best Sci-fi Short" title in multiple festivals.

"Best Sci-fi Short Film" at London Independent Film Festival
"Best Sci-fi Short Film" at New York City International Film Festival
"Best Sci-fi Short Film" at Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival

Writer / Director / Producer / DOP / Editor / VFX Artist: Junaid 'Jay' Syed
Screenplay: Junaid 'Jay' Syed, Chris Hastings
Cast: Joe Rainbow, Hera Fjord, Cristina Wang, Michael Sofoluke, Maylee Fraser, Ben Ried, Marc Gordon
Music: Filipe Goulart, Nick Chuba, Matt Cohen
Sound Editor: Danton Tanimura, Cristina Aragon, Filipe Goulart 
Additional VFX Artist: Aparna Janga (Modeling/Texturing), Bharat Sachdev (Rotoscoping)