Monday, April 27, 2015

I just received my new proof copies of Prisoner of the Mind issue number 4. I have a little color correction to work on, but this book will be released next month in print and digital via Comixology. Released on June 24, 2015.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

YESSSSS, it's almost here! Issue number 4 of Prisoner of the Mind is right around the corner June 24, 2015. Look for it here, available in hard copy via Amazon or digitally on ComiXology. If you missed any of the previous issues, you can pick them up here.

Prisoner of the Mind #4: Memory Shards

Most people are trapped inside their own bubble of influence like a fly trapped in a public bathroom. Many are in denial about their lives, so they surround themselves with physical things, pretty things, and expensive things as a replacement for knowledge or strength.

The accumulation of wealth has become the standard for success and power, but true power can only be achieved by the accumulation of knowledge. Doubt in oneself breeds disbelief keeping the average person at arms length from elusive power. 

They wake every morning brush their teeth, drink their coffee and go to work. Tomorrow and the next day they do the same thing repeatedly never questioning themselves.

"Neo-noir, Sci - Fi masterpiece" 
~ Super Robot Mayhem

"Check out this stunning looking project" ~ Sci-Fi Pulse

"Escher-esque" ~ Outside The Cube